Must-Have Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Companies

You’ve been pushing your business to break away from the confines of a typical brick-and-mortar store. With innovation and creativity by your side, your revenue and team have grown beyond your expectations. But the downside is you have more work on your plate, more clients to serve, and limited time to do everything efficiently. It […]

A Guide to Marketing Project Management

Does it ever come into your mind how big brand marketing heads keep a smiling face after a massive project? Have you ever wondered how their teams can handle marketing projects under immense pressure? Or have you ever thought of how you can replicate the marketing process they deploy?  We feel you. There are a […]

Call-to-Actions Your Audience Won’t Resist to Click

Think about the first time you found a product or service? How was the experience? What drew you to sign up? Was it the copy? Was it the design? Was it the call-to-action? Think about it. For sure, there’s a reason why. If you hadn’t been drawn in by compelling content and actionable CTA, you […]

Multi-Channel Strategies to Capture More Leads

The rapid rise of available channels gave customers more control over the buying process than marketers do. Customers today have more choices on how they want to get information and how they want to purchase products and services.  How can you bring these all together? You need to optimize your lead generation channels to attract […]

How to Get a 200% Conversion Rate Lift

LiveChat is a great tool to invest in terms of online customer service or engagement. Whether it’s finding a product or technical support, the LiveChat tool can guide your customers step by step. Did we mention the tool also features text, video assistance, co-browsing, and screen sharing that will help you enhance your customer experiences? […]

Email Campaigns You Must Set Up Now

You recently purchased a marketing automation tool to load off your marketing team’s manual task of lead nurturing. You have the necessary content asset, landing pages, email templates, and contact lists ready. We can’t blame you if you get too excited and run your marketing efforts immediately.   While it looks simple as a drag and […]

Email Marketing the Correct Way

We live in a fast-paced high-tech world with short attention spans. How do you make an impression when no one’s paying attention? Despite the rise of new channels, email remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to make an impression. 99% of consumers check their inboxes daily, making you reach customers is quicker. Email marketing is considered one […]

10 Killer Demand Generation Strategies

It is no surprise that companies still have no clear idea what demand generation exactly is. If we focus on the name itself—”demand” and “generation”— we often think that demand generation is about creating demand for a product. Well, partly true and far more than that.   What is Demand Generation?   By definition, demand generation is a multi-step […]

What is Marketing Operations?

A few years back, when marketing’s only job was to “promote” a product, marketing operations were tied to project managers’ essence—individuals in charge of coordinating extensive campaigns.   Today, things are different. According to Marketo, 60% of companies now have formal Marketing Operations roles. Marketing Ops is becoming a crucial need for enterprises to keep their complex […]

Major Job Functions of Marketing Operations

When a B2B marketing professional mentions marketing operations to someone, they often think differently. They often see it as “project management”, when in reality it is more than that. Unlike the responsibilities of a project manager that focuses on a single goal at a certain time, marketing operations is a consistent and ongoing function that focuses on a more comprehensive goal […]

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