Digital Marketing for Finance

It came as no surprise that digital marketing for financial services gave rise to the modern marketing landscape. With the boom in startups and fintech companies, the need for digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective methods for financial institutions to interact with their customers through various channels.

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Overview of the finance industry

The huge shift of emerging services in the financial services industry is quickly propagating. With consumer trust being the primary driver of brand preference, the need for a user-first digital experience is now a must.

Grow using digital marketing solutions.

Reach out to new prospects with a consistent multi-channel digital marketing strategy—SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversational marketing, lead generation, and demand generation—geared towards acquiring new customers and turning current customers into advocates.

Deliver value to your leads and customers.

No businesses are the same, so no marketing strategies should be the same. For financial institutions, individuality matters. Accelerate's digital marketing solutions custom design systems that fit your product line. Our team of experts will work with you to determine what combination of digital marketing tools and strategies will best suit your business.

Marketing Automation

Equip your campaigns with automated workflows across various channels—from your welcome series emails to a customer onboarding process. We have you covered.

Growth Marketing

Strengthen your customer base with fresh customer engagement tactics that help grow your relationships with your audience.

Demand Generation

Cover all the bases when interacting with your prospects—from awareness to conversion we have proven strategies ready to help you with your demand generation goals.

Lead Generation

Centralize your targeting strategies that will deliver seamless and integrated cross-channel campaigns to your ABM accounts.

Marketing Operations

Standardize your processes for maximum productivity —from campaign monitoring, response management, performance management, database management, reporting, and analytics.

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Growth marketing, demand generation, and lead generation are three marketing tactics that are proven to work together. Lead generation works to build an audience of potential customers and fill your sales funnel. Demand generation increases the awareness of your brand, highlighting channels to delight your target audience. And lastly, growth marketing is a performance-oriented approach to exponentially improve your lead generation and demand generation tactics.

Our digital marketing services for finance companies

Email Marketing

Nurture your audience and build a credible brand with personalized emails campaigns.

Content Marketing

Enhance your brand’s credibility with fresh content for your blogs and website with quality designs and engaging copies.

Search Engine Optimization

Be on top of the search with top-performing keywords that will drive traffic to your website.

Conversational Marketing

Ask your customers the right questions that will educate them about your product and services.

Omnichannel Strategy

Develop consolidated multi-channel efforts that will get your coming back. We will help you manage your channel campaigns and run them completely for you.

Lifecycle Campaigns

Lifecycle campaigns get your leads and customers engaged at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Landing Page Development 

Build stunning, beautiful, and responsive landing pages that will spark interest for your prospects to take action.

Email Templates

Boost your audience’s engagement rates with customized email templates.

Process Automation

Set up dynamic paths for an audience to follow based on actions taken by that contact or lead.

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360° view of your growth opportunities. We'll probe into your programs, campaigns, and channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is marketing automation important for the financial industry?

Marketing automation makes it possible for financial institutions, fintech companies, banks, and credit unions to utilize data to obtain insights that will lead to more marketing actions.  

Can you help me with a lead generation strategy?

Absolutely. We will help you with lead scoring, CTA A/B testing, landing page optimization, and more that will help you capture more leads. 

Can you put together a growth strategy for my finance company?

Of course. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, referral marketing, partnerships, or building a social community, we have a plan that will help your business reach more markets. 

Does marketing automation and demand generation work together?

Yes. Marketing automation and demand generation together keeps your multi-channel efforts moving. 

Do you have designers that can develop creative assets for us?

Yes. We have multi-media creatives ready to craft visually appealing assets and layouts for your campaigns. 

Is A/B testing important?

It’s highly recommended in marketing to discern the variables affecting your conversion rate.

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360 view of your marketing campaigns, processes, and opportunities.

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