Digital Marketing for eCommerce

Digital marketing for eCommerce is about lifting your brand and product into your customer’s buyer journey. You’ll get more traffic for less money than any other digital marketing agency.

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Overview of the eCommerce industry

Ecommerce has become a vital part of the economy and has changed the way we do business—from brick-and-mortar shops to online marketplacesthe scope of e-commerce markets has grown high. Digital marketing solutions will help you grow it. 

Boost sales with a holistic digital marketing plan.

Once upon a time, getting on top of the search engine page result was easy. All it needed was a website filled with focused keywords. But times have changed now, you need to have a plan that will attract your audience, engage with your content, and turn those visitors into paying customers. A well-thought eCommerce marketing plan will improve your conversion rate with intelligent automation that takes care of everything for you in the background.

Raise awareness through cross-channel marketing.

Setting up an online store isn’t enough to outlast the competition. You need to gain an edge over the competition by taking the time to understand your audience’s needs and goals. Our digital marketing solutions take a consultative approach for your e-commerce business. We put your e-commerce store on steroids. We'll take care of everything—design, development, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO, and more.

Marketing Automation

Power up your marketing activities with a comprehensive automation solution. We act as an extension of your marketing team when developing your marketing tech stack.

Growth Marketing

Boost your eCommerce conversion rate with growth marketing. We specialize in growth marketing strategies that increase revenue and drive conversions.

Demand Generation

Start converting leads into customers. When it comes to demand generation, we are pros. Let us handle everything from website design to SEO.

Lead Generation

Get more qualified leads on autopilot by implementing lead generation strategies. We help generate leads that are highly qualified and ready to buy from you.

Marketing Operations

Align processes, people, and technologies with the help from Marketing Operations experts. We'll recommend solutions that work best for your team.

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Lead generation, growth marketing, and demand generation are three essential marketing tactics that aim to capture new leads and engage with them until the end of the consumer lifecycle. But there’s a nuance between the three. Lead generation focuses on prospecting, while demand generation nurture leads to move them down the funnel. Growth marketing boosts your marketing performance through multiple iterations of A/B testing across your campaigns.

Our digital marketing services for ecommerce companies

Digital Strategy

Create a channel marketing strategy. Work with our experts to build out a growth plan, campaign automation, and full-funnel strategy.

Content Marketing

Fuel your funnel with customer-centric marketing assets and creative designs that drive sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Gain traction on organic search with top-performing keywords. We specialize in data-driven SEO practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Create a CRO plan that defines the customer journey by A/B testing and analysis.

Email Marketing

Deploy welcome series, abandoned cart, and order confirmation emails into your marketing activities.


Initiate conversations with the right dialogue to highly valued accounts, converting them into customers.

Performance Tracking

Gain visibility over your marketing channels and start paying attention to the most important metrics required to optimize results.

Coded Templates

Our team crafts astonishing and high-converting templates that will get your audience coming back to your website.

Platform Migration 

Migrate from Magento to Shopify or the other way around at ease. We migrate your data based on your needs.

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360° view of your growth opportunities. We'll probe into your programs, campaigns, and channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-commerce digital marketing?

E-commerce digital marketing is the practice of driving awareness and action toward an online business. E-commerce digital marketing uses digital channels, digital content, search engines, and online campaigns that attract visitors and facilitate purchases. 

Why is SEO important for the e-commerce industry?

With eCommerce being digitally dependent, your store needs to be visible on search engine result pages (SERP).  When people search for products that you sell, you want to rank as high as possible so you get more traffic and conversions.

Do you provide content writing services? 

Yes, we do. We have full-time content writers ready to assist you in all your content marketing needs.

Can social media marketing help my company? 

Absolutely. Social media is one of the most important channels e-commerce companies utilize to make a sale.

Which e-commerce platforms do you specialize?

Currently, we specialize in Magento and Shopify. But there’s more to come in the horizons since we are quickly expanding our team.

How can you improve my e-commerce website?

We conduct a marketing audit to identify the bottlenecks within your campaigns and create a strategy that impacts your bottom line.  

How do you choose the right e-commerce marketing strategy?

Strategies can be tricky—it varies per business. That is why we assign a dedicated Accelerate expert to escort you throughout the process. Our experts make sure your strategy is simple to understand and includes everything your business needs. 

How can I be sure I’m getting maximum results?

Our experts persistently monitor and measure the project progress. We schedule weekly reviews to keep your business informed on updates and adjustments we need to act on for improvement.

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360 view of your marketing campaigns, processes, and opportunities.

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