Automate your marketing workflow.

We help automate multifunctional campaigns across various channels for maximum efficiency.

Work with an automation expert.

Marketo Expert

Simplify complex consumer journey and engage with your target audience.

Get a Marketo Expert

HubSpot Expert

Nurture and scale leads by maximizing HubSpot’s full features.

Get a HubSpot Expert

Pardot Expert

Power up your campaigns with experts behind your marketing strategy.

Get a Pardot Expert

Leverage a marketing automation software, we do the heavy lifting.

Leverage a marketing automation software,
we do the heavy lifting.

Get support from an automation expert.

Every marketing tool has its own unique guidelines, compliance standards, and technical aspects. Partner with an automation expert that gets you over the hump for optimal campaign performance.

Integrate platforms for a seamless workflow.

Your automation expert acts as your advisor when developing a marketing tech stack. We ensure systems can integrate with each other for efficient workflow and data visibility.

Our marketing automation services include:

Platform Selection and Setup

We'll find out the right automation tool for you through an assessment and set it up from ground up.

Platform and Website Integration

A dedicated automation expert will integrate the tool with your website for data sync and tracking.

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation helps sort out your CRM by lifecycle stage, interests, job title, company size, and industry, which can be useful for content targeting.

Lead Management

Through capturing your leads throughout the buyer's journey, you understand the right content to deliver.

Lead Scoring

We setup a ranking system against a scale that reflects your organization's perceived value for every action taken and user behavior.

Instance Health

We take out all your unused, junk, and old assets and workflows to keep your automation platform healthy.

Sales Alignment

New lead alerts and task notifications are set up for your sales and marketing team.

Data Health

Your database is evaluated by its quality—accuracy, validity, segmentation, and completeness.

Email Marketing

Engagement metrics, content, design, and nurture campaigns are analyzed and reviewed by a certified automation expert.

Customer Marketing

By discerning your current processes, we can score your customers and create a post-purchase engagement campaign.

Lead Funnel Processing

Funneling your leads the right way impacts their buying decision. Our team will help you from planning to implementation.

Analytics and Reports

We derive insights from your systems—website, CRM, and campaigns—and create an actionable plan to optimize your strategy.

Step up your marketing.

Automate your workflow, nurture campaigns, audience segmentation, lead scoring, and content personalization. If you're a current automation user, we'll find out if there are any gaps between your pages, forms, data, campaigns, and assets.

Transform your marketing.

Automate your workflow for seamless nurturing, audience segmentation, and personalized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the practice of setting those manual processes into an automated process using tools that operate in the background.

What can you suggest in B2B marketing?

Here are a couple of ways to utilize marketing automation in B2B: 

  • Segment your audience using automated workflows
  • Optimize your campaigns by logical-based triggers
  • Enable real-time lead scoring to rank leads by most to least interactions with your brand and by profile 

Do you create custom code email templates?

Yes. Coding is right up our alley. Our developers are versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Can you automate my campaigns?

Absolutely. With the help of automation tools available today, we can automate any campaign you wish to build. 

What programs and campaigns do you help with?

Customer lifecycle campaigns, NPS programs, demand generation programs, cross-sell campaigns, and nurture programs are some of the few campaigns we have developed. 

Are your specialists certified?

They are! Our team are certified HubspotMarketo, and Salesforce professionals. 

How do you migrate a platform?

We do an audit and inventory of the data in your current platform and map out the step-by-step process of migrating to the new platform.

What kind of support can I get from you?

Platform migration, application integration, database configuration, sales and marketing alignment, pipeline automation, or even diving into the unknowns of marketing automation, we have you covered. 

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