Digital Marketing for Technology

Marketing and sales are two of the most critical aspects of a tech company’s success. Digital marketing for tech companies needs a nimble and proactive approach that can quickly be updated as your business evolves. To stand out among many other tech companies out there, you need to deploy a digital marketing strategy that marks the spot.

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Overview of the technology industry

Tech companies are overwhelmingly thrown into rapidly shifting marketplace flux. Buying channels are expanding and getting more saturated. Leveraging digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites are ways to connect with new customers. Digital marketing helps tech companies reach a broader base of clients than traditional avenues, target prospects, and enable you to measure success and pivot as you see fit. 

First-class digital marketing solutions

Whether it's as simple as attracting your audience to opt-in for your blog or set an appointment, you need a calculated approach to gain traction among your new and existing customers. Starting from scratch to attract, engage and retain customers may not be the best option. You need to work with experts who uphold domain knowledge and understanding of tech solutions, markets, processes, and the market.

Focus on delivering results to your business

Digital marketing for technology is more than having a trendy and stunning website, you need to develop effective, timely, and measurable marketing activities. Our capabilities in B2C and B2B technology marketing are underpinned by knowledge and understanding of tech solutions, prospects and their business processes, and the marketplace. Our digital marketing solutions and expertise in the tech space will put your product and, and service on the right market, with the right content, and at the right time.

Marketing Automation

Craft an end-to-end campaign strategy that drives more leads in your funnel and automate your multi-touch campaigns for optimal results.

Growth Marketing

Refine your growth funnel using the findings from A/B tests and performance reports. We'll define the right growth hacking methods to expand your business.

Demand Generation

Take the time to fundamentally understand the heart of customer demands. We build a demand gen strategy from thoughtful market research.

Lead Generation

Attract, engage, and close more deals with a sales pipeline filled with qualified leads. We will help you build a lead generation process that converts high qualified accounts.

Marketing Operations

Deploy marketing campaigns and programs in a structured process that will amplify your efforts from all angles—agility, efficiency, and return on investment.

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Demand gen vs lead gen vs growth marketing

Lead generation involves marketing activities that highlight the importance of initial engagement with prospects at the top funnel. Demand generation is synonymous to lead generation, however, it involves targeting the bottom part of the funnel, which touches your customers more and soon converts them into loyal buying customers. On the other hand, growth marketing is the administrator overseeing top to bottom progress, ensuring your audience will still be around even after purchase. 

Our digital marketing services for tech companies

Email Marketing

Our email marketing experts will guide you in building a strategy that will attract, engage, and convert your target audience through personalized emails.

Content Marketing

Fire up your website with high-value content. Our content writers and graphic designers build content that captures lead information.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize websites and content assets for search using seed keywords and topic cluster models.

Conversational Marketing

Create a dialogue with your leads and customers through AI and automation. We'll set it up from the ground up.

Omnichannel Strategy

Develop carefully planned out campaigns for every channel you desire to pursue. We utilize the right data to create a coherent strategy.

A/B Testing

Test different variables and elements that will give your campaigns valuable insights. We optimize campaign performance and turn prospects into customers.

Landing Page Development 

Attract more audience with impressive and converting landing pages. We’ll design and develop responsive pages for your campaigns.

Email Templates

Build engaging email campaigns with custom HTML templates. Our team can help you craft beautiful email templates from scratch.

Process Automation

Turn manual processes into automated processes. We’ll do the leg work so your programs and campaigns are on autopilot.

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360° view of your growth opportunities. We'll probe into your programs, campaigns, and channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital marketing for technology?

Just like any other business, technology companies need carefully built marketing programs to generate revenue. Digital marketing helps tech companies realize their revenue goals and objectives.

Why is email marketing important for the Tech industry?

Email engagement is high for tech. Through email, tech companies have the opportunity to speak directly to their audience in their inboxes at a time that is convenient for them.  

Do I need growth marketing? 

Growth marketing helps you define your audience, engage, convert, and retain them.

Are you all certified marketing professionals? 

We have growth hackers, savvy content and social media professionals, marketing project managers, and marketing automation experts ready to assist you in all of your digital marketing needs. 

What is conversational marketing? 

Conversational marketing is a customer-centric approach for driving customer engagement, improving customer experience, and growing revenue. 

Is it important to optimize forms? How? 

It’s a must. Completing forms are your customer’s least favorite activity. Optimizing them using A/B tests will refine your form’s usability which enhances clicks, design, and fills.  

Grab a free marketing audit today.

Jumping on an audit will provide you a 360 view of your marketing campaigns, processes, and opportunities.

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